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Lutris- A Multi-platform game installer for Linux

Written by pirat9 @ http://www.unixmen.com/

lutris logo

Lutris is a gaming platform similar to DJL and PlayOnLinux aiming to support as many games as possible for the GNU/Linux operating system. It takes care of running the game by setting up the best environement in order to provide the most enjoyable gaming experience.The program is currently usable but only has a fraction of the planned features.

Lutris supports native Linux games both commercial and Open Source and also can install windows games using wine, same as playonlinux does. Lutris also supports the best of breed emulators so you can play almost every game for the following platforms :

  • Many arcade based games
  • Amiga 500, 600, 1200
  • Atari 2600, 800, 800XL, 130XE, 5200, ST, STE, TT, Lynx
  • Bandai WonderSwan, WonderSwan Color
  • Browser games like Quake Live, Minecraft or Flash based games
  • Commmodore VIC-20, C64, C128, CBM-II, PLUS/4
  • LucasArt SCUMM based games (Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, …)
  • Magnavox Odyssey², Videopac+
  • Mattel Intellivision
  • Microsoft MSX, MS-DOS
  • NEC PC-Engine Turbographx 16, Supergraphx, PC-FX
  • Nintendo NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Gamecube
  • Sega Master Sytem, Game Gear, Genesis, Dreamcast
  • SNK Neo Geo, Neo Geo Pocket
  • Sony Playstation
  • Z-Machine games like Zork

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