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Linux Mint 11 released

By Joey Sneddon @

plays safe with GNOME 2 desktop, but adds some Natty touches

The latest edition of Ubuntu-based Linux Mint been released.

Version 11 of the popular distro sees it opting to use neither Ubuntu’s Unity interface or GNOME’s latest ‘GNOME 3′ or ‘GNOME Shell’ desktops. Instead Linux Mint 11 has decided to retain use of the “classic” GNOME 2.32 desktop that many users have long been accustomed to.


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HTML5 version of Angry Birds lets you play in Chrome on Ubuntu

By Benjamin Humphrey @

The folks over at Rovio, creators of the now famous Angry Birds, have unleashed an HTML5 version of the popular game that’s designed to run in Chrome (or Chromium!) on any operating system.

Yes, this means that you can now play Angry Birds on Ubuntu, and luckily the performance of the game web-ified is still up to scratch.

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Install Emesene 2 Stable (2.11.4) In Ubuntu Via PPA

Written by Andrew @

After a long period of development, Emesene 2 (stable) has finally been released, this being a complete re-write of the initial Emesene in GTK / pygtk.
Starting with version 2, Emesene supports Gtalk and Facebook or any XMPP/Jabber network (along with MSN of course). Other changes in Emesene 2 include: support for adium-like themes, Ubuntu Messaging Menu (and MeMenu integration for Natty) support and lots more.

Also, Emesene 2 uses “papylib” which is also used by Empathy. This brings many advantages like:

Complete p2p support, msnp18, great address book and msn profile handling. Being so widespread allows you, the user, to get the latest 0day fixes from your favourite distro (if you’re using GNU/Linux of course) and new features as soon as we plug them into Emesene.

[via Emesene 2 release announcement]

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Faenza Icon Theme Updated With New LibreOffice, UbuntuOne Icons

Written by Andrew @

Faenza Icon Theme
Faenza Icon Theme 0.9.2 has been released with new icons for LibreOffice, UbuntuOne – which now matches the new logo, a new workspace switcher icon and more. Continue reading Faenza Icon Theme Updated With New LibreOffice, UbuntuOne Icons

Haguichi (Hamachi GUI) 1.0.7 Gets AppIndicator Support

Written by Andrew @

Haguichi is a popular Hamachi (including Hamachi2) GUI for Gnome.
Haguichi 1.0.7 has been released, the big news being that it finally adds AppIndicator support so you don’t need to tweak the notification area in Ubuntu 11.04 to get Hamachi to show up (but of course, the AppIndicator works in older Ubuntu versions too).
As usual, I’ve updated the Haguichi PPA (this is basically the official PPA) so you can easily stay up to date with new versions in Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04. Continue reading Haguichi (Hamachi GUI) 1.0.7 Gets AppIndicator Support

Pinguy OS 11.04 Alpha 1 Is Available For Testing

by Andrew @

Pinguy OS 11.04
Pinguy OS alpha 1 has been released yesterday, bringing some new default applications and some other interesting changes.
Even though it’s based on Ubuntu 11.04, Pinguy OS 11.04 will use the classic Gnome (panels) 2.32.x as the default interface and the final release should be a lot like this alpha 1. What could change is removing the Global Menu with the AppMenu but for the moment there’s a memory leak in the AppMenu so that’s not an option yet.
Also, Pinguy OS alpha 1 comes with various PPAs for the applications it ships with but the final version will use just one Pinguy OS branded PPA that will have all the packages mirrored from the other PPAs, but tested firstly so this should bring more stability and control over the updates.

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