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Installing dropbox on Ubuntu server


This post will help you install the Linux Dropbox client on your headless Ubuntu Server and link it up to your Dropbox account. Unlike the process of mounting an S3 bucketwe looked at before the Dropbox approach is a much better solution for sharing files. If you’re a daily Dropbox user you’ll quickly get hooked on the convenience of having your servers in the same file sharing loop as all your other Dropbox connected devices!

Installing Dropbox

Start off by downloading the Linux version of Dropbox onto your server. These steps have been tested on Ubuntu Server 10.10 and 11.04.

Download the 32Bit Version

wget -O dropbox.tar.gz ""

Download the 64Bit Version

wget -O dropbox.tar.gz ""

If you unsure which version you need you can quickly check by running uname -a.

sudo uname -a

If the uname output has an i686 at the end you need the 32Bit version and if it has x86_64 you want the 64Bit version.

When you extract the Dropbox archive it will automatically place its files in the home directory of the the user you’re logged in as under: ~/.dropbox. You can always move these files later but its something to keep in mind.

Extract the Dropbox archive

tar -xzvf dropbox.tar.gz

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