Arch Linux step by step installation

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Arch Linux (or Arch, pronounced /ˈɑrtʃ/ ]) is a Linux distribution intended to be lightweight and simple. The design approach of the development team focuses on simplicity, elegance, code correctness and minimalism. “Simplicity”, according to Arch, is defined as “…without unnecessary additions, modifications, or complications..” and is defined from a developer standpoint, rather than a user standpoint.

Inspired by CRUX, another minimalist distribution, Judd Vinet started Arch Linux in March 2002. Vinet led the project until 1 October 2007, when he stepped down due to lack of time, transferring control of the project to Aaron Griffin.

First  Step  is to Download  the  Iso  image  from  Arch  Mirrors

Start The  Install

First boot  from   the  CD  (Local  or  via  Virtualbox/Vmware  or   else ..)

login to  the  console  with root and   start   the  install  with  :


now you  you  have to  follow  the  main menu  one by  one

Select the  source   installation  via (CDRom or  Network)

Set  the clock

Prepare the  Disks

For 1 disk of 20 GB.  make 200mb for  boot  and 2500 MB for  swap, 15GB for  root partition  /, and  the r est  for  the home , and  select the  file  System you want

Select  the  packages  you want  to install : default OK)

Select  the  Editor  you want  (nano vi joe)

Install  the  grub  on  /dev/hda  (ENTER)

Set  the  root  password  the  config  system

back   the  Main Menu   and  reboot

Login  with   the new root   password

More info can be found in Arch wiki install guide 

Install GNOME and KDE on Arch Linux

Question : How  to install  KDE  or  Gnome  in  ArchLinux ?


In our previous post, we did show you how to install Arch Linux, if you want to install Gnome or Kde, please use the following steps:

1 – First update  repository  using the commands  :

# pacman -Syu 

2- Install KDE/Gnome : Enter the following command:

#packman -Sy kde  kdm  gdm xorg-xinit dbus gnome gnome-extra

3- To activate Xorg  on bellow  environments  :

  • qemu
  • VMware
  • VirtualBox

Use the following command:

pacman -Sy xorg xf86-input-keyboard xf86-input-mouse xf86-video-vesa

Add dbus and gdm to your DAEMONS array so it starts automatically on boot: you can change gdm with kdm if you like it

start  dbus

# rc.d start dbus

add  dbus  to the  daemons  vi  /etc/rc.conf  the  last line


Start Kdm or gdm to get the screen bellow




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  1. hi

    i have tried to install archlinux more than 40 time i couldnt come up with GUI KDE or gnome even i have install every thing correctly really hard
    even i use sunsolaris 9 and redhatlinux server backtrack

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