Five beautifully simple Conky themes

By Joey Sneddon

Ahh Conky. The desktop system monitor that comes with an intimidating learning curve is capable of producing some stunning, flashy and crazy looking desktops.

Its equally adept at doing understated too, as this selection of five ‘simple’ Conky themes shows.

All you need to add them to your desktop is the ‘Conky’ package from the Software Centre. This can be installed in Ubuntu by hitting the button below.

click to install conky in Ubuntu

To install, pick your favourite, download it, then extract it tour home folder, then run ‘Conky’ to see it on your desktop.

To tweak any of the theme – for example to change font sizes or screen position – you’ll need to edit the ‘.conkyrc’ file in your home folder.



Cowon Clock


Notify OSD Conky







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