First Command to Run After Installing Ubuntu

by Allu John Sudhakar @

Ubuntu is a great operating system. It fast, secured and easy to use when compared to most of other operating Systems. But Ubuntu is not complete without some additional packages. One command make Ubuntu useful for everyday use.

To get started, press CtrlAlt – T on your keyboard to open Terminal.


When Terminal opens, type the command below and press Enter to install.

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Programs that will get installed after running the above command are:

  • MP3, DVD Playback support
  • Microsoft Fonts
  • Java Runtime
  • Flash Player
  • and many codecs that are required to play MP3 and DVDs.(OR)

install Ubuntu restricted extras

Ubuntu by default, doesn’t allow you to play MP3, DVD, Flash or most media formats for legal reasons. You must always install additional programs that will allow you to play those media

To install Ubuntu restricted extras

go to Ubuntu Software Center from the application launcher. Then search for “Ubuntu Restricted Extras” and Install . It will install commonly used applications with restricted copyright (mp3,avi,mpeg,True Type,java,Flash,Codecs).

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