Ubuntu Pocket Reference app for Android


By Joey Sneddon @ http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk

Being an avid user of Android I’m always on the hunt for Ubuntu related apps on the Market place.

A few days ago I came across ‘Ubuntu pocket reference’ – a free application for Android that claims to list  ‘the most popular and most useful Ubuntu/Linux commands.’


How good is it?

The guide is divided into sections – Firewall, System, Network, etc. This helps finding a command for a specific purpose so much easier than needing to wade through an index or perform a search.

Sadly this simplistic approach also hinders the app.

Being forever being at war with Wi-Fi dongles, I’d love have seen a more in-depth ‘Network’ section with examples of the commands in use.

Many of the commands within the guide are useful but a number are also out dated.

It’s hard to criticise a free application and this guide will certainly come in handy to those suddenly caught offline.  For me the lack of updated commands or command use-cases make ‘Android Pocket Reference’ a neat if rather irrelevant offering.

Download market.android.com/details?id=org.androidstack.ubuntu



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