Updating Zimbra mail server


Below is an example of an upgrade on a basic test server (your advanced production server may very) Please keep in mind that this is only an example of the upgrade process, make sure that you have read the notes from Zimbra.

Backup the server! (snapshot of vm)

Begin download

  • sudo to root
  • cd /tmp
  • wget (latest release of Zimbra)
  • tar -zxvf zc*
  • cd /zc*
  • su zimbra
  • zmcontrol stop (stops Zimbra services)
  • exit (exits out of zimbra user back to root)

Install Zimbra update

  • ./install.sh (as root from /tmp/zc* dir)
  • Enter (to continue)
  • Y (to continue if prerequisites are found)
  • Y (to verify message store database integrity)
  • Y (to upgrade)
  • N (if memcached is asked to be installed – depends on your setup)
  • N (if proxy is asked to be installed – depends on your setup)
  • Y (to continue with installing/upgrading Zimbra)

Let the upgrade run, after awhile the program will ask if you want to notify Zimbra of your install (yes/no). The servers will start up and the zimlets will load.

Enter (when Configuration complete)

Check status

  • su zimbra
  • zmcontrol status (verify all process are running)

Check Zimbra

  • Log into account
    • check overall view
    • send email
    • other tests
  • Log into Admin account
    • check overall view
    • other tests

Clean up – remove downloaded .tgz and extracted directory in /tmp

  • rm zc*.tgz
  • rm -r zc*


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