Rhythmbox Desktop Art

@ Mathias Nedrebø’s Website

This plugin shows album cover art for the current playing song in Rhythmbox on the desktop. It can optionally show the popular “web 2.0” shiny floor reflection effect. When you hover the image, previous, play and next buttons appear. The plugin can not yet fetch covers from the net, so it is recommended to also have the default Album Art plugin enabled and let it do the fetching. The plugin also requires a composite manager (e.g. Metacity, Compiz or xcompmgr) to work properly. The implementation is done using Python, Cairo, librsvg, Glade, Pango, and GTK+. Code is available through SVN. Copy the following commands into a terminal and execute them to install the plugin.

mkdir -p $HOME/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/
cd $HOME/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/
svn co http://nedrebo.org/svn/rhythmbox/desktop-art

The cover art and text appearance can be configured from the “Configure Plugins” dialog. Some additional settings can be accessed using gconf-editor.

This plugin requires python 2.5 or higher and gnome-python-desktop.



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