3 Beautiful Conky Configurations

1. Conky Meet Faenza
Conky meet faenza

2. Conky Launchpad
Conky Launchpad

3. Conky Ken
Conky ken

The first 2 Conky setups above are very easy to configure – just install conky, then copy the extracted files (look for hidden files and folders too) into your folder and that’s it. Conky Ken takes a bit longer to set up but it’s not all that difficult, however I couldn’t get the weather to work (it might have something to do with might location though). For each of the 3 Conky setups above, download the archive and see the README for exact installation instructions.
And speaking of Conky – Conky Colors, an utility to easily set up amazing custom Conky configuration has just been updated (by the way, I was using Conky Colors in the Compiz 0.9.2 screenshot). Download the latest Conky Colors | How to set up Conky Colors Cairo mode (rings).

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