Download videos from youtube, metacafe, dailymotion etc. easily using this python script – Youtube-dl

by shredder12, @

I think there is a time in every Internet user’s life when he/she is crazy about Youtube, provided the bandwidth is not an issue . I went through the same phase in the 2nd year of my graduation. I kept searching and downloading youtube for more bball videos – jordan, kobe, iversion, freestyle etc. I didn’t know then how to download videos and usually wasted a lot of my time, copying and renaming the videos from the cached buffer of firefox. I still remember, I had a freshly installed ubuntu hardy and I searched for youtube in synaptic and found this great python script to download youtube videos,youtube-dl.

Although there are a lot of web based tools available these days, my favourite being the firefox addonvideodownloadhelper, but nothing can beat the way we can make use of youtube-dl in scripts and automate the whole thing, or one could say, a linuxer’s way of doing things .

Not just youtube, it works for various popular video sharing websites, including Metacafe,, dailymotion and photobucket.


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